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  5. Before I left Thailand, I woke up from dreaming about the cr. Peter Fever. Kaew is a handsome Asian twink and he has a nice big thick c. Ab his such a cutie pie! He is always smiling and he is alwa. Em Cums On His Feet. Asian Boy Feet. Asian Rent Boy Oum. Erotic Ninja 1: The Hitman 3. Shou and Tsuyoshi. Just look into those bea. Randy himself was pretty hard, and he resisted the urge to stroke his own manhood too much.

    He settled for playing with his nipples, flicking them with his thumbs as Jin continued to plunder his hole.

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    He was panting from the exertion of taking the constant pumping, and felt himself beginning to perspire - and from the smell in the small shower cubicle, Jin was sweating, too. Randy moved his hand to his cock, and started to beat his meat, feeling the sensations pulse through his body as Jin rode him. Randy heard the shower curtain, and when he turned around, he saw Jin, glistening with sweat, putting his clothes back on.

    Randy thought of leaving with him, but he enjoyed the view as Jin grabbed his things and left. Randy went back to his own bag to get his shower things to get cleaned up, and saw that Jin had left him a present: Randy chucked it into the wastepaper basket and went back to the cubicle, before heading home one hot shower later.

    A year or so older than me, we used to go clubbing together, and these days, well, once in a while we fuck. Samson not his real name is a Chinese guy, originally from Malaysia, who has since made his home in Singapore. Quiet, hardworking type, who sends money home regularly and who dotes on his nieces and nephews.

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    Broad shoulders for his height, thick in all the right ways, with a fleshy bottom that matched the rest of his body. Stocky, I guess you would say, if you were writing his Grindr description.

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    Maybe meaty. Samson is pretty easy-going, very casual about sex. I find that quite manly. While his body is pretty smooth aside from a few stray hairs on his nipples he has slightly hairy armpits and a scraggly untrimmed bush, and hairy legs. He messaged me today, just to catch up, and let me know that he was open to some fun. That took a while, and I am sad to say that I used the time to work on some documents. When he came out, bare-chested but nicely wrapped up, I had a shower while he went into the bedroom.

    These Steamy Photos Prove Your “No Asians” Rule Is Racist Bullsh*t

    I joined him in there after I was clean. He had thoughtfully run the air-conditioning, and was lying on the bed watching television, his flaccid cut cock and big balls fully exposed. He got some things out of his bedside table drawer, and then turned out the lights. I flipped my towel over the chair in front of the dressing table, and joined him in bed.

    We kissed for a while, the only sound in the room coming from the tv, and we soon both got hard. He pushed me back so that I was lying on my back, and then he kissed my chest before licking my nipples. He worked his way down my body and paid some attention to my cock and balls for a while, and then lifted up my legs. I held them up so that he could rim me, and his warm tongue felt so good lapping at my hole.

    I changed places with him. Samson has a nice big chest, slablike pecs with perky pale nipples that are too sensitive for me to do much more than lick and finger them. He was good and hard and wet, though, I discovered when I got down there, and I gave him a slobbery blowjob, while reaching up to flick his tits. Took my time, too, licking his balls, the size of hard-boiled eggs.

    I really got turned on by his panting and soft moans. A pity, since he has a nice hole, a few curly hairs outside it. When both of us were very turned on, he asked me to fuck him, and reached over to the bedside table and handed me a bottle of lube and a strip of condoms. I tore one off and opened it, then lubed up and rolled it on, and then lubed it up for good measure. It was fairly large. I guess he wanted to loosen himself up before we played. He asked how I wanted him, and I put him on his back, and lifted his legs up.

    I dragged him till his butt was right at the edge of the bed, then put his legs on my shoulders and slid myself in. I had to ease myself in past his ring, but it felt very good after I was all the way in.

    I leaned forward, bending him double, and kissed him easy enough, given our relative heights and plugged away. A slow fuck, this time, because I had less range of motion: I wanted to move a little more, so after a while we got off the bed. He put his towel on the bed and bent over the edge, directly over it. I took him from behind, slowly at first, giving him my full length, and then drilled him fast and hard.

    I had my hands on his back and his waist. Samson braced against the bed with one hand while jerking himself with one hand, both of us making animal-like grunts, with me going faster and faster. Samson took his hand off his cock at one point, and moaned loudly - an almost handsfree cum, right onto his damp towel. It was really full when I pulled out: We did lie down together and talk while watching television a bit, but I headed home soon after that. Very high appeal. Breeding Party 6sg: Randy sent his nudes, front and back, across. He only stopped when Chan slapped his ass, and pulled out suddenly.

    I come last. Morning Sex I woke up and wrapped my arms around T, after guiding my hand through the three layers of blankets. Once that was finished… I gave T tender good morning kisses — on his neck, and on his lips.

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    And during the entire session, our left hands remained clasped together. First time ever. Guys in jockstraps. Reblog if you agree. Curious Poses: A Randy Man Adventure 6sg: We go back to the gym and you show me? Wait people see? Busy fucking 6sg: